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There are a lot of misconceptions about corporate blogs as the distinction between blogs and websites becomes blurry. People often don’t realize that they are reading a blog because they were searching for something that is a solution to their problem.

Your website will be able to use your blog to drive the search traffic and bring in more clients. So, recent and targeted information is a must. The goal of a corporate blog towards websites is that it must create a large subscriber base to a website, generate online discussion to a particular product/service, and increase RSS subscriptions.

So here are the benefits of linking your corporate blog to your website:

1. Increase user awareness to your product.
2. Increase traffic to your website.
3. Increase subscription, discussions to your service/product.
4. Serves as a portal towards your website.

Corporate blogging should meet the reader’s needs in order to create a link from the blog to your website, consider it as a community hub. Furthermore, it is not only establishing a following, but it’s about creating keyword rich information that will help your market solve their problems via search. This is why corporate blogging is very essential to your website.
By essentially marrying the corporate blog to your website you will accomplish these benefits. And because of this, many websites are able to push their product/service in the market to be among the leading products/brands.

Is quality or quantity more important for your corporate blog? There is no final answer on this question. Some say you need to post a blog everyday in order to keep your readers interest. Others say posting on a schedule with relevant content is the key to keeping your blog on track.

A recent study by eMarketer found that 46% of its respondents believed that an engaged community is the key, and only 26% thought daily postings were the most important.
Daily postings will accumulate pages in your archives quickly, which could mean additional clicks and also provide more insight to your company. But, the train of thought also exist that a demand for quantity decreases the quality, thereby loosing the reader all together.

So the question still goes unanswered – quality or quantity? If you post your corporate blog daily or weekly, always ensure the content is relevant to your readers. My opinion is that quantity is worthless without quality.

If you’re wondering what is the latest and most effective means to boost the traffic to your website? The answer is Corporate Blogging!

Blogging is not only a means to express one’s opinions but it also is a tool to make your website increase its page rank placement. Statistics show that 85%-90% of clicks from Internet users don’t come from PPC paid ads, but from random blogs that are posted on the Internet. Bottom line…higher placement equals more clicks, which could mean more sales.

In Corporate Blogging, not only you have the means to advertise your service, but also it lets you communicate with your existing or prospective clients on a more personal level.  Having a good title and topic allows you to entice your readers to click through and check out what you are offering. More clicks means more leads!

Linking your blog to your website is the way gain more clients. Remember to keep your blog light and relaxed just like having a conversation with the reader rather than pushing them to buy your products. So try Corporate Blogging and see the results of increasing traffic to your webpage.