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Schedule some time to focus on your blog marketing content.  30 minutes just 2 or 3 days a week is a good start.  During this time you can read other blogs in your industry and leave comments, which create visibility and exposure for you as well as drive traffic back to your own blog.  Create a list of topics that will interest your audience.  Make 5 to 10 subtopics under each category.  With only 10 topics with 5 subtopics each, you have 50 blog posts to pull from.

Post these on your editorial calendar and you will not be facing a blank page, with no ideas when it is time to write your blog.

Make a list of blog topics from books, articles or blogs you read, or conversations you have.  These may not be your first choice for your blog, but if you are stuck and need content, pull from this list of ideas.

Write more than one blog at a time and queue them up over the next few weeks.  This works especially well if your time is at a premium.  Take an hour and grab you laptop and crank out a few blogs.

Use all your resources, including all the people in your organization.  The more people you have contributing content, the broader your blog posts will be and the broader audience they will attract.  Encourage everyone to write a blog for your company, utilize the creativity that is probably abundant in your company.