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If you think a corporate blog will magically create traffic, you are expecting too much from your blog.  If you post your blog, erratically, full of lengthy dry corporate content, and don’t provide a clear and concise way for your readers to subscribe, you appear as a faceless corporation.  People like to do business with people they Like, Know, and Trust. 

Once people understand what you have to offer, the next thing they want to know is about the people in your organization.  By focusing your corporate blog about the people within your organization, showing their personalities as well as their expertise, your blog will become interesting and personal.

Corporate blogging takes commitment.  Posts need to be made regularly and on a schedule.  It can take months for users to realize there is useful information in your blogs.  Consistency is key in generating recurring traffic, which is after all, the real goal of a corporate blog. 

According to Mashable.com, small businesses with corporate blogs receive 55 percent more traffic than small businesses that don’t blog.  So, get personal and get blogging!