Lead the Pack with the Latest "Buzz" about Domination Marketing!

If you’re wondering what is the latest and most effective means to boost the traffic to your website? The answer is Corporate Blogging!

Blogging is not only a means to express one’s opinions but it also is a tool to make your website increase its page rank placement. Statistics show that 85%-90% of clicks from Internet users don’t come from PPC paid ads, but from random blogs that are posted on the Internet. Bottom line…higher placement equals more clicks, which could mean more sales.

In Corporate Blogging, not only you have the means to advertise your service, but also it lets you communicate with your existing or prospective clients on a more personal level.  Having a good title and topic allows you to entice your readers to click through and check out what you are offering. More clicks means more leads!

Linking your blog to your website is the way gain more clients. Remember to keep your blog light and relaxed just like having a conversation with the reader rather than pushing them to buy your products. So try Corporate Blogging and see the results of increasing traffic to your webpage.