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Perhaps you’ve heard of the word “social media” by now and wondered what it really means.  Social media is information sharing and social interaction through the use of the internet.  Think Facebook and Twitter – the two most popular social media applications today.  You’re also probably wondering what these can do for your business?       

Social media works by connecting you and your message to the right people.  If you happen to have a Facebook fan page or a Twitter account for your business, you can just type in the message you want to deliver or even add a picture or video, and your clients or customers will efficiently be updated.  This way, your customers will also be able to ask questions and give feedback, allowing you to nurture your relationship with them.  In addition, popular search engines like Google and Yahoo highly rank social media applications, allowing your website to gain more unique visitors, which translate to more business.       

Facebook and Twitter are just some of the ways in which you can effectively disseminate your message.  There are hundreds of social media tools and applications out there and knowing how to effectively use them will be to your advantage.  Social media will revolutionize your business.  It will allow you to broadcast information, and build lasting relationships with your clients. 

Social media has been dubbed as the new marketing genius.  Big companies like Coca-cola and Sony have jumped in and joined the bandwagon.  In a nutshell, social media is a more effective way of marketing – a marketing strategy that will allow you to send your message directly to your specified target market.  This is not just a novelty waiting to run its course, it is a brilliant technology that will continuously evolve and change the course of marketing as time progresses.