Lead the Pack with the Latest "Buzz" about Domination Marketing!

I was talking with our VP of Sales, Scott Augustine, about the integration of social media into big business and the challenges of changing the old marketing mindset. While Blueagle Market is young in years, all of us here have battles scars from living lives in search of the “better way” and being soldiers of that fight. Once again we have circled the army around the walls of Jericho, shouting, clanging and making all sorts of noise in an effort to bring old paradigms to the ground.

One of the surprises of this battle is that our fellow Social Media advocates are not only in it to win it but are in it in relative unity. The transparency that a huge corporation has to work so hard to develop through social media, is inherent to those developing  it.  Never before have we seen an arena of business where the competition rushes new information not only to its clients but to the public forum for mass consumption. Just like I am writing about  Scott’s revelation and giving him the credit, our “virtual” counterparts are quick to offer their knowledge and tools for the good of the group.

When I go to Slideshare I am blown away by the fresh new presentations that people have spent time and money creating. Then I find that it’s set out there for me to learn from and use… FREE! This especially makes me happy because I don’t have one artistic fiber in me and our graphics team is too busy for me!  Hootsuite and their Analytics, Google Apps and Analytics, Evernote, and UBer Twitter  all give me the tools, while publications like Mashable, Tech Crunch and others give me the knowledge.

 Kudos to the pioneers of the virtualization revolution who started these trends years ago!  The rest of the World should sit up and take note , we would have a much happier Earth.

 The team at Blueagle Marketing is exciting about making our contributions both individually and collectively. Taking the hill and crushing the paradigms….


Posted by Sam Fagan VP of Business Development Blueagle Marketing