Lead the Pack with the Latest "Buzz" about Domination Marketing!

According to a survey by SaleSpider 40% of small businesses think that social networking is creating a “significant” boost in sales.  Social networking has made it easier to identify requests for proposals, interacting with new and existing customers and providing specific answers for customers’ questions.

The upcoming year will see a marked increase in the use of social networking from small businesses.  It is more time consuming than costly, making it easy on the budget in a time when marketing dollars are tight.  You don’t have to spend all day on line to make social networking a viable part of your marketing strategy.  A few well placed blogs, updating your latest news via Twitter, Face Book, linking to a company newsletter and you are in the social networking business!

Social networking is being used less and less for sharing personal information and more of a venue for networking generating leads and creating new business by small business owners.  A larger share of marketing resources will be devoted to social networking in the upcoming year.  Position your small business correctly into social networking by keeping your profile and pictures professional, your information relevant to your customer base, and your content updated and fresh.