Lead the Pack with the Latest "Buzz" about Domination Marketing!

There are huge advantages to consistently maintaining corporate blogging sites.  Corporate blogs are an easy way to increase your search engine results page (SERP).  85 – 95% of clicks on an SERP occur from legitimately ranking within the thousands of keywords found inside the page. 

The lines between blogs and websites are becoming increasing thin.  Usually potential customers don’t know if they are reading a blog article or a website article.  They only know that they have questions that need to be answered.  By writing keyword-rich, relevant content that addresses your potential customers’ problems; corporate blogging is a sure way to increase your search engine position.

The majority of all web activity begins with online searches.  Improving your search engine results will drive traffic to your site and provide an opportunity for you to create relationships with potential customers.

The most effective and reliable way to improve your search engine rankings is through corporate blogging.  By helping your potential customers solve problems by a simple search, website traffic will increase and you will have more qualified leads.