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The most obvious benefit of using long tail keywords is the searcher has specific intent. They know exactly what information they need to solve their problems or fill a specific need. These long tail keywords are not searched as often as shorter keyword searches, but the upside is they are easier to convert.
According to Hitwise-Experian, longer keyword searches of eight words or more have increased more than 20% over the past year. Short keyword searches are on the decline. This is the perfect situation for the corporate blogger. Blogging allows for widespread content distribution, which leads to higher search engine results. Blog content is found by search engines, which results in increase in Web traffic.
It’s really pretty simple to choose keywords for your posts. Think of the phrases a client would use to search for your product or service. Incorporate those phrases naturally in your posts. If you are familiar with Pay Per Click (PPC), you already know about keyword research. There are other ways to find and target long tail keywords as well.
There are free online keyword research tools, such as Google. Visit your competitors’ sites and note the keywords used on their websites, page titles, meta tags and blogs.
There are SEO consultants and Enterprise platforms which provide optimization and ongoing support.