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There are a lot of misconceptions about corporate blogs as the distinction between blogs and websites becomes blurry. People often don’t realize that they are reading a blog because they were searching for something that is a solution to their problem.

Your website will be able to use your blog to drive the search traffic and bring in more clients. So, recent and targeted information is a must. The goal of a corporate blog towards websites is that it must create a large subscriber base to a website, generate online discussion to a particular product/service, and increase RSS subscriptions.

So here are the benefits of linking your corporate blog to your website:

1. Increase user awareness to your product.
2. Increase traffic to your website.
3. Increase subscription, discussions to your service/product.
4. Serves as a portal towards your website.

Corporate blogging should meet the reader’s needs in order to create a link from the blog to your website, consider it as a community hub. Furthermore, it is not only establishing a following, but it’s about creating keyword rich information that will help your market solve their problems via search. This is why corporate blogging is very essential to your website.
By essentially marrying the corporate blog to your website you will accomplish these benefits. And because of this, many websites are able to push their product/service in the market to be among the leading products/brands.