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 Why Blog?  This is a question I was asked yesterday and have been asking myself as I  learn more and more about social media and how to apply it. The question is often posed, not usually by itself, but in a bundle of "why’s".

Why do I need to Facebook if I use Twitter? Why do I need to use Linked In if I Facebook?  What’s Digg anyway?  All are excellent questions. In answering this series of questions, I ask a question. ( Don’t ya hate it when somebody answers a question with a question?  That’s a topic for another blog entry) 

The real question is , " What are you trying to accomplish ? "  And of course this one question leads to many others in search of the answer. Are you keeping up or reconnecting with friends and family? Are you building a business? Raising money for a charity? Gathering information on a topic? You have to know your "why" to know your "how" which answers your  "why". Got it? Good!

Mashable.com has at least 10 good articles on blogging for starters that might even help you figure out what your reason for participating in any social media platform is as well as which one(s) to choose. Blogging is a bit larger venue for one to showcase knowledge, products, ideas and opinions. It is also a better place for more indepth comments from readers. 

I have started blogging for many reasons, to learn, to share, to implement a strategic business tactic and to solicit feedback which I hope someday will come in the form a of a comment below!  ( Thanks mom but you don’t have to comment )

That’s my thoughts … what do you think?


Posted by Sam Fagan , VP of Business Development Blueagle Marketing