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FaceBook as the new Google? Maybe so. This is going to be fun to watch. Now that Facebook is 400,000,000 strong with over 175,000,000 logging in at least once a day, look for the largest Social media site in the world to start playing even bigger.

Facebook has been  looking for some time to launch their own email system. They want to keep you on site for all your communications. Why? Money!

Their data base on users profiles tell them exactly where to place certain ads from online vendors. They know they have a winning formula as the preferred Social Media Platform and they are working to make searching FaceBook faster and easier. With applications for merchants and the expanded use of fanpages, watch as businesses grow as a presence in the FB world.

This is not all bad for the FaceBook purist. Facebook is very protective of their users, break one too many rules and out you go…forever. The idea behind the added vendor functions is money for FB and a convenience factor for the user/consumer. Where the people are, business will follow. 

What will Facebook look like next year? 5 years? Who knows but it will be fun to watch.


Posted by Sam Fagan vp of business development at Blueagle Marketing