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Being an SEO Consultant or a Business Consultant who knows SEO — Two Very Different Things

 I recently came across an article, "What You Don’t Know About SEO",  by  Erin Weinger in the February Edition of  Entrepreneur.com  http://bit.ly/9m3fsZ . I am sure Erin knows his stuff , probably way more than me. On this article though, I had a different point of view. I was glad to finally get to the sub section in the article, "Getting Links", where Erin got to the meat of  things and made my point for me.

Getting links in an incredibly painstaking task that requires not just a time consuming initial set up , but a maintanence program as well. Sure, you can do an effective Search Engine Optimization program yourself. If someone has  time, inclination and know how, why not? But then again, if you did have the know how, maybe even the time and inclination,  as a business owner you have to ask yourself,  " what is it that I do best "?

As a business owner, I have to always ask, what is it that makes me the most money? Is it by doing what I do best ? Or is it by doing something that I need done but can do myself for less money ? Seems to me many businesses go out of business by thinking cheap.

Ok, so some companies can afford to hire an ex-Google exec. Maybe some companies have an entire staff to train. In that event, train your own SEO guy. The fact is that even big companies realize that they are best off doing what they do best. That usually is making the products that make them the most money, not training people to blog, backlink, blog some more, backlink, submit an article, search for related content, build backend pages, find submittal sites and get authorizations on thousands of places to post articles, cross reference blogs, and then tweet about it all.    

Outsourcing is a key to survival. Finding the right outsource company is not that hard. Making sure that they have the right portfolio and won’t rip you off is not hard either. Open up your laptop, go to Google and ask them to point to their clients. Its a short interview !

posted by Sam Fagan VP of Business Development Blueagle Marketing.  www.blueaglemarketing.com