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Good relationships are the foundation of all successful marketing campaigns, which makes relationship marketing key to developing a dominant internet presence. The introduction of Facebook and YouTube just a few years ago began the internet’s transition from an information-driven media to a communications-centered media that relies on relationship marketing. Twitter , LinkedIn and many other social networks have joined the social media frenzy, but it is Facebook that remains at the forefront of the movement with an estimated 250,000 new users signing up daily. Social bloggers are also increasing in great numbers, adding to the diversity of the social media world. Conventional ways of doing business have fallen along the wayside, and social media is the driving force behind that change.

No company today can afford to ignore the impact that social media has on the marketing of goods and services. This trend has sparked the attention of companies worldwide, placing social media front and center in business marketing plans. Many companies now hire social media experts to spearhead their internet marketing efforts. Businesses once invisible on social media platforms are now emerging to deliver their messages via Facebook fan pages, webinars, Twitter messages, LinkedIn profiles and blogs, to name a few. Local and national advertisers have jumped on board, as social media has become the fastest-growing, most important tool available for relationship selling purposes. At Blueagle Marketing, we can help you plan and execute a social media strategy for your company, using a combination of platforms to increase your online presence. There are many choices when it comes to social media. Facebook, LinkeIn and Twitter remain at the top of the list for most businesses and professionals.

Facebook fan pages are a great starting point for most companies entering the social media world. Fan pages allow people who have a specific interest in your company or industry to interact with you and learn more about your company. As you update your page with events, sales specials, blog postings and news releases, you increase your exposure throughout the site. Once a person chooses to “like” your page, they begin seeing all of your postings. This helps your company develop a community of followers, who, in turn begin to share information about your business or organization. This chatter attracts the attention of prospects outside of the community who can also choose to become a part of the group. Facebook enables companies to reach prospects once difficult to find in an inexpensive, highly-effective way.

Twitter and LinkedIn work a bit differently, but with the same worldwide reach. LinkedIn’s network is designed specifically for business professionals, allowing them to link to people and interest groups within their professions. Many companies and individuals also use it as a job search and recruitment tool. Twitter allows only 140 characters for a “tweet”, or message, so many companies use it to send out blitz information about important news, specials, events or industry updates. Users have the option of “retweeting” messages, which spreads the name of the original tweeter in the process. The constant sharing of industry-specific information helps develop communities of professionals within a specific profession. Following professionals within your industry – as well as current customers, prospects and even your competition – helps keep you on top of the latest technology and trends, and also keeps you in touch with your customers and prospects so that you know what they are looking for in products and services. Customers tend to share their experiences with different companies, organizations, products and services through social media like Twitter. Paying close attention to this chatter helps businesses stay ahead of their competition and aids in the development of goods and services more suited to customers’ needs and desires.

Blueagle Marketing knows social media. We study trends and help our clients increase their online presence by marketing their products and services effectively through the use of this valuable, ever-changing tool. This, used in conjunction with other unique strategies, such search engine optimization and branded videos, provides our clients with an internet marketing strategy second to none – one that will strengthen and maintain online dominance.


Building a monster business involving Search Engine Optimization, Social Media and Branded Video Marketing is a time consuming task. A labor of love? Yes!  It is a blast making other people’s dreams come true by maximizing their virtual business model.

The challenge for me is attending to my clients’ needs while staying on the edge of an information flow that is literally moving at the speed of thought. Chris Brogan talks about Attention being Currency in today’s business world.  Time management is an ever growing issue with folks running at the front of a virtual medium. Chris and people who comment on his blog talk about task / time allotments to stay on track for the day. Attention can be grabbed and priceless time stolen if you don’t have a plan of attack.

I have developed an information stream that works for me. I suggest you develop one for you. All of these tools are free and I prefer those that work in the cloud so they are accessible to me in and out of the office.

I set up an igoogle home page with widgets that suit me best. I use Manymoon calendar and project planner with my Google Apps calendar for my daily tasks and projects. I monitor my RSS feeds from this home page.

As for Twitter, FacebookLinkedIn, I connect all of them with Hootsuite. The keyword, search and statistics function in Hootsuite make it a valuable tool for monitoring topics and doing research on most any subject. The RSS and Hootsuite keep me awash in an information stream that is more like a torrent than a stream. I grab what I can and shoot what I like over to Evernote for safekeeping and sorting until I set aside the time for more in-depth look into whatever it is that I am looking for. 

All in the cloud, all free and all functional to make even the Information ADD business owner somewhat together…..


Posted By Sam Fagan VP of Business Development Blueagle Marketing