Lead the Pack with the Latest "Buzz" about Domination Marketing!

The answer is a resounding YES!  Blogging will increase your search engine results.

The organic (or natural) search is responsible for about 44% of all the clicks on a search results page.  Blogging rates very high in the organic search rankings for several reasons.

The first key factor is the page title itself.  Search engines consider the title of the page to be indicative of what can be found on the page.  Blogging enables you to title your pages with every one of the keywords you would use if you were using a pay per click (PPC) strategy.

The next factor is the actual keywords.  Search engines love finding keywords within the content of the pages.  Writing a blog differs from an actual website page mainly because web pages have a finite amount of room for content, whereas blogs are composed of a lot of words.  As you continue to add to your blogs, your volume of keywords and keyword phrases increases. 

Another key factor is initiating an organization-wide blogging strategy.  By increasing the content contributors, you are increasing the amount of content as well as the keyword content.  Each person within your organization will use different keyword phrases as they write their content as a natural part of their own writing style. 

Your prospective customers searching for your business online will search with their own keyword searches.  By having content that includes keywords and keyword phrases from different contributors in your organization, you are increasing your chances for a “match” from these organic searches.