Blueagle Marketing is an online marketing company founded in July 2008 and based in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Dennis Eagle, President and CEO, together with a team of highly skilled web technicians spearhead the company with the goal of assisting local businesses to take their marketing virtual.

Eagle’s passion and dedication for Web Marketing using A Force Multiplication System has grown from a desire to enhance his own local businesses to a flourishing business in itself. Starting with a few local businesses in the Carolinas, Blueagle Marketing has successfully put local business on top, allowing them to impressively increase their profits by dominating their niche market.

With the right combination of skilled IT professionals, business developers, and consultants Blueagle Marketing is committed to excellence and the Blueagle team executes with excellence every time. Blueagle has a defined system for Virtualizing a Business that will cater to any company’s marketing needs, large or small.