The 20th Century was winding down and with the end came the fear of a new beginning called Y2K. Businesses large and small were speaking of the fearful predictions of internet failure because none of the software was programmed beyond the 1900’s. In the end, or perhaps better stated, in the beginning of the 21st Century we discovered the internet was only just beginning also. Today, the Internet is the most widely used of all the media as billions of people research information, publish information, shop and advertise products to sell. Until now, only a small percentage of businesses were Virtualizing their marketing campaigns. As involvement grew with it came greater understanding of the power of virtual marketing. The challenge has gone from, “will the internet work to how I can get my web presence established in order to outperform my competition?” Websites and Social Media have moved this new media ahead by light years, but the icing on the cake is “Branded Video Optimization”.

Data has proven that people are visual beings in nature. Most people would rather see a product video than read the product description. It is comparable to watching television and is much clearer in scope and understanding than viewing pictures and reading descriptions. This is never better understood than at meal time. Everyone from Moms who cook daily to feed their families to the Five Star Chef at the Ritz Carlton knows that the way a meal looks determines the appetite and appreciation for that meal. Simply put, if the meal isn’t presentable to the eye, it is less likely to create interest and so it is in advertising.  If you can show what you are offering in a tasteful, useful and inviting way, it is more likely your ideal client will receive it and return for more.  This requires research, planning and work to offer the presentation that will grab and hold the interest of your targeted market and the longer interest is held the greater the likelihood they will return for more.

Business is not about finances and the bottom line, not if it is going to succeed that is. Business is about delivering a quality product or service to a client in need of the same.  It’s about pleasing your client, acquiring new ones, and connecting with them.  For everything from local businesses to Fortune 500 Companies, social media is an excellent way to connect with clients and keep them coming back for more. Branded Video Optimization takes Social Media to a whole new level. Social Media has become a powerful connecting force, not only people, but for the businesses they frequent.  There are great synergies between people who connect through social media and businesses that serve their needs. This simply means everyone benefits more by connecting than they would by going at it alone.

Finding new customers in a geographical area isn’t difficult with the virtual tools available today such as Twitter, Facebook and Linked In. Testing the newest product and getting feedback has become a snap. Creating needed data through social research requires a simple tweet to your following and you have immediate interest and response. Amateur videos connecting through Social Media will bring numbers of visitors to your website exposing them to your services and products. This will, not only drive up sales but it will improve the strength of your web presence with higher page indexing through heaver visitor traffic. Adding video into your website will make it lively and interesting, giving your client quick easy information to assimilate. Videos present the message you want to convey without draining time from potential clients and keep them on your site because the longer they stay the greater likelihood they will buy.

Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, and My Space are not just places where teenagers are chatting about the latest breakup or sale at the mall.  It is a forum for real conversation about real life. That real life includes business, products and services that we all need and use. Imagine if every customer you ever had was able to talk to every customer you could ever have.  Would it be positive or negative for your business and how powerful would that be for you? This is what Video powered Social Media will do for your web presence and consequently for your business growth. Will the growth resulting from “Niche Market Domination” be just what you need in order to bring your bottom line to a whole new level? Will this step into “Business Virtualization” be the move needed to make possible that annual amazing vacation with the family?  Can you now afford the new home and property you have wanted or maybe that new Mercedes Benz? Will you now, be equipped to educate your children without the burden and struggle and perhaps make the business investments you desire?

Have a cup of coffee with me at CoffeeGroundz to see a true to life example of how a Small Local Business profited from Twitter. “Mr. JR Cohen is the Operations Manager for CoffeeGroundz, a local coffee shop in Houston. Mr. Cohen was able to foster huge growth for the business using Twitter by simply signing up CoffeeGroundz for a Twitter account and began chatting with local Houstoners.  It wasn’t long before he reached 1,000 followers, most of them local. One day, one of his followers unexpectedly tweeted in an order, and Cohen fulfilled it.  That little exchange blew up into a story all across Twitter which resulted in press coverage and new customers from Twitter to his business.  Now, Tweetups as they are called, a real-world gathering of Twitter users, gather at the coffee house and customers can still tweet their orders as is convenient for them.  The openness of Cohen and CoffeeGroundz’s to Twitter has resulted in massive increased business.” Taken from an article by Ben Parr, Mashable Editor dated 07/16/09. This story is only one unique and creative example of social media in action.  It shows how to connect people, spread the news and how business can be conducted using this new media. Now consider the impact it will have on Mr. Cohen’s business when he adds brief Customer Proof Reviews on video, or How to Videos on special blends or coffee orders. Tweet a video link to show hot bakery goods coming out of the oven and, allow viewers to watch as icing is spread smoothly over the pastry. Would this increase his business from hungry customers?

Branded Video Optimization is easy to do if you use a good imagination and determination. To pull in customers you just need to focus the essentials for your video production, like the content, background and music. Simple yet catchy music and story lines become very popular viewing when tied into what you do. Include facebook, twitter and video related features to add zing to your web presence and draw attention and sales from internet searches. YouTube is a video networking site and millions of people access it daily. Profiting this way isn’t difficult and by adding YouTube into a system of Virtualization you will make it extremely friendly to business growth and profitability.

Branded Video on YouTube is better than putting a TV in your website to advertise and sell your product or service! It’s not only a tremendous savings but it gives you unending airtime in front of your prospects. Branded video played directly from your website and linked to other sites throughout the web will drive traffic to your door ready to purchase! Video Marketing is an exciting and effective way to advertise. You can customize videos so that your customers will find your products and services in multiple places all linking back to your site. Building customer interest this way you start developing a relationship before having that first personal conversation. Use the KLT principle which is, “People want to do business with others they Know, Like and Trust!” Customers really don’t buy products or services, they are actually buying you.

With Video Marketing you have several choices in customizing your videos to promote your business or businesses. Look at a few options for video:

  • Advertise in a way that it is similar to TV ads which will entice and introduce customers to your product or service.
  • Allow your customers to see the actual product or service your company offers which not only increases sales but decreases return.
  • Video clears up the message for what you are selling, allowing customers to be in the virtual driver’s seat!
  • Enables you to use “How to videos” for your products which creates sells when customers are taken through the application, assembly or instillation process.
  • Use real life- real time situations, events and client reviews to give credibility to your business as the visual and vocal expression of happy clients cannot be ignored.

A Blueagle Virtualization System will tie your web presence into Twitter, Linked In and Facebook with Branded Video to propel your company forward in sales and profits. It includes developing  a fan club following that will drive conversation and word of mouth referrals to your door wanting to buy from you and only you every time! The day of the Cold calling is over. TV, radio and print are all losing ground to the oldest form of advertising known to man: word of mouth! Video Client reviews complimenting your business is word of mouth and it will work for you or against you. The Blueagle Branded Video Force Multiplier will work for you and be a part of your niche market domination strategy. When overlapping three Force Multipliers the exponential effect results in market Domination of your local niche market and drives ideal clients to your business wanting to do business with you and only you not only this time but everytime.