The Three-Force Multipliers

Developing a dominant internet presence requires far more than putting a website online. Included will be a variety of optimization tools, when incorporated simultaneously, will boost your company’s internet presence exponentially. Once in place this site generates significant leads that will convert into actual sales. Excellence performance in iMarketing, sales and quality customer support encourages repeat business from existing customers, who become advocates for your company. The Three-Force Multiplier Strategy used by Blueagle Domination Marketing is a proven way to make this happen, with guaranteed results.

“A Force Multiplier” is a military term that refers to Rapid Seizure and Domination. Specifically, it involves the incorporation of multiple tools or advantages to exponentially increase the overall effectiveness of a strategic effort. At Blueagle, we target three major areas to increase our clients’ internet presence: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Branded Video Optimization (BVO). By developing a strategic plan that overlaps these three Force Multipliers, we are able to rapidly saturate the internet with a customer’s information.

In addition to higher search engine rankings, this strategy also positions the client as an expert amongst prospects, current customers and even the competition. In addition, each of the three main Force Multipliers – SEO, SMO and BVO – is a Force Multiplier in and of itself, offering multiple tools and strategies to help boost a company’s online presence. By focusing on each of the three main Force Multipliers, then working with several forces within each, we can guarantee our clients a top search engine ranking in a Geo-targeted area – all in a relatively short period of time. Blending and branding the three main multipliers “As One” promotes the acceleration aspect of domination by quickly changing the face of a company with an internet presence that will catch the competition off guard. We also ensure that our clients retain top search engine rankings through on-going tracking and information updates. That’s market domination!