A Force Multiplier System

A “Force Multiplier Strategy” is a component using five or more attributes, advantages or opportunities, exponentially increasing overall effectiveness in a united strategic effort. “Force Multiplier” is a military term used for “Rapid Seizure and Domination” in order to unseat a ruling power and establish a new authority. The characteristics of rapid domination are: knowledge, rapidity, brilliance and control. Blueagle combines the knowledge of your company with the rapidity, brilliance and control of the “Force Multiplication System” which uniquely combines three overlapping “Force Multipliers” producing the “Accelerated Seizure and Dominance” to win the Battle for Ideal Clients in Your Niche Market. On average, an infantry unit is able to advance 12 miles a day. Assigning trucks to this division will multiply the force of their effort, allowing the division to advance 40 miles in a day. Air support, artillery and other specialized weapons systems are other factors that may dramatically increase the division’s capabilities. Adding air-to-air Tanker refueling will allow the fighters to remain in air longer without returning, extending the fighters and bombers range. Add a Naval Carrier’s capability for refueling near the battle field will allow aircraft to fly significantly more time over their targets or on combat air patrols. Don’t forget mobile communication and you have the “over five forces needed” and working together which creates a single and significant “Force Multiplier”. Another example is when a factor dramatically increases (hence "multiplies") the effectiveness of a group or system. Some common factors creating a Force Multiplier are: morale, technology, geographical features, weather, recruitment, training, experience and a fearsome reputation. All of these factors intensify the Force Multiplier. Any amount of forces less than five is only additional forces. Once you have over five forces and it becomes a multiplication factor. The combining of separate “Force Multipliers” into one unit is the “Acceleration of the Multiplication”. We call it Marketplace Domination for our Client! Consider how Forced Multiplication works in mathematics:

  • In addition, 100+100=200,
  • In multiplication, 100 x 100 = 10,000
  • But in Algebra, 100 to the 3rd power = One Million

Each of the three Force Multipliers; SEO, SMM and BVM are Force Multipliers in and of themselves. Our system uses these three Force Multipliers to the Third Power! These three overlapping Force Multipliers will produce the effect of a laser beam cutting steel, a magnifying glass igniting paper or a Shock and Awe overthrow like happened in Iraq. Blueagle follows the “Algebraic Model” to create “Market Dominance”.

Three Force Multipliers

Search Engine Optimization                           Social Media Relationships                           Branded Video Marketing

Search Engine Optimization       Social Media Optimization        Branded Video Optimization

We work with three Force Multipliers, each of which utilizing 5-15 forces and when set up properly will give top search engine ranking in a Geo-targeted area. When these are overlapping, as follows, the multiplication of power is exponential in delivery.

Three Accelerated Force Multipliers


Blending and branding these three to become “As One” brings about an amazing multiplication of the already accelerated Force Multipliers. Acceleration is motion at a velocity that is in a consistent state of change. The “Acceleration of Acceleration”, according to the writings of Buckminster Fuller, in the 1960’s, deals with the multiplication of Acceleration. When this is applied to transportation; going from walking to horseback, to automobile, to aircraft, to jet planes, to rocket power and traveling in space is an example. This principle, says Fuller, is broad in its scope such as in information.  For example, more information on blogs is searched every year then there is in all of the newspapers, magazines and books in the world. This overload of information is due to the acceleration of publishing. The acceleration of publishing is being accelerated. It has been noted that in eleven years we will double the information we now have. At Blueagle we use a System of Force Multipliers to the 3rd power. At the point of overlapping the three circles is where the heat of the system is found. Perhaps you have heard from ancient writings that, “one shall chase a thousand and two shall put ten thousand to flight.” It is true that there is power in numbers, but never so powerful is when numbers are united to be “As One”! “If you know your enemies, understand yourself and have the right system, you can win every battle you face!” Old Wise Proverb