The KLT Principle

Businesses exist because buyers Know who you are. A relationship begins as they learn to Like you and revenues continue to grow as they learn to Trust you. For clients to Know you they must first be introduced to you and this is done through proper search engine optimization (SEO). Social Media is the way massive numbers of people learn to Like you and then seeing you on Video will brand your products and services to you. This creates trust as they hear the passion in your voice and connect your face with what you do.

Therefore, good relationships is one of the three pillars supporting all successful marketing campaigns and which makes relationship marketing key to developing a dominant internet presence. The introduction of Facebook in 2004, followed by YouTube in 2005, began the internet’s transition from an information-driven media to a communications-centered media that relies on relationship marketing.

Twitter, LinkedIn and many other social networks have joined the social media frenzy, but it is Facebook that remains at the forefront of the movement with an estimated 250,000 new users signing up daily. Social bloggers are also increasing in great numbers, adding to the diversity of the social media world. Conventional ways of doing business have fallen along the wayside, and social media is the driving force behind that change.

No company today can afford to ignore the impact that social media has on the marketing of goods and services. Large branded companies like Abercrombie & Fitch, Coke and Toyota have taken advantage of social media’s relationship marketing benefits, creating online chatter with innovative social media strategies. This trend has sparked the attention of companies worldwide, placing social media marketing front and center in business marketing plans. Many companies now hire social media experts to spearhead their internet marketing efforts. Others are making similar commitments as they realize that social media is an integral part of an effective internet marketing plan.
Businesses once invisible on social media platforms are now emerging to deliver their messages via Facebook fan pages, webinars, Twitter messages, LinkedIn profiles and blogs, to name a few. Both local and national advertisers have jumped on board, as social media has become the fastest-growing, most important tool available for relationship selling purposes. Blueagle Marketing will assist you in developing and executing a customized social media marketing plan for your company that will set you apart from your competition…and keep you there.