Speed To Trust

At the end of the 20th century, businesses throughout the world worried about widespread predictions in internet failure. Without software programmed to operate beyond the 1900’s, it certainly seemed possible. However, the internet survived the turn of the century, and interest quickly shifted to the ever-changing world of internet marketing. Companies began to recognize the power of online marketing, as the internet expanded from an information-only source to the most widely used of all media.

Now billions of people shop, research & publish information, and advertise products, services and referrals online. Branding products and services through video has become one of the most effective online marketing business tools in gaining and maintaining market position. The awesome part is that in house, amateur videos are just as compelling as and more believable than ones produced professionally, costing thousands of dollars!

Today, Video Branding has assisted in taking us from the Information Age into the Age of Recommendation. Capturing the passion and excitement of a client thrilled with your products and customer service on video for others to experience becomes a powerful recommendation. A Nielsen Company survey, the largest of its kind, shows that “Ninety percent of Internet consumers worldwide trust recommendations from people they know, while seventy percent trust consumer opinions posted online.

Speed To Market

Most people would rather see a product video than read a product description. Captivating and holding the attention of an audience is much easier to do with virtual media. Videos are easier to understand, and quite frankly, more entertaining. Branded videos can be used in a variety of ways to market your company online – including imbedded website videos (Ranked highly by Google), webinars marketed through social media, sales and training videos. When linked through social media fan pages and websites, they actively engage your audience, driving conversation and word of mouth referrals straight to your doorstep. Branded Video Optimization is an easy, cost-effective strategy for increasing online presence. Blueagle Marketing can help you produce branded videos that will replace cold calling with the best and oldest form of advertising known to man: word of mouth!

Speed To Domination

The three pillars in the foundation for Domination Marketing are SEO, SMO and BVO. When these “Three Force Multipliers™” are working in unity “As One” with a customized system that takes your products and services to market, the end result is Domination!

Branded Video Optimization

Branded Videos enable companies to:

  • creatively markets products or services on your own Video TV Channel
  • advertise 24/7-365 to reach your Ideal Client when they are looking for you
  • demonstrate products and services to customers, increasing sales and decreasing returns.
  • provide visual step-by-step application and installation instructions
  • present real-life situations and testimonials to advertise products and services.