Google Search Engines

The Internet World changed in 1999! It was then we were introduced to the Google search engine and the way we use the Internet changed forever. Before that, websites were designed as an electronic means for promoting information previously limited to brochures and print advertisements. Google changed everything by providing internet users with a way to quickly find information through the use of keywords and keyword phrases. More emphasis began to be placed on the interaction between businesses and prospective customers, and internet entrepreneurs focused their attention on Google’s role in ranking search results. Later Yahoo entered the race along with others to follow.

As companies began to actively engage users and entice them to purchase products or services online, they watched their Google rankings increase. Rankings improved even more with the inclusion of specific copy and design elements within the website. As a result, more companies began to recognize the need for revamping websites due to these findings, and the concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was born.

A good SEO plan optimizes several attributes within a website.

These include:

  • rich keywords and keyword phrases in titles, tag lines and imbedded in the copy
  • multiple client reviews and press releases
  • strong links and backlinks
  • pictures with proper descriptions using keywords
  • imbedded videos with rich keywords and keyword
    phrases in titles
    and tag lines

Effective Search Engine Optimization also takes other factors into consideration, such as the type of content, header size and placement, careful repetition of keywords and the number of keywords used throughout the site. Proper keyword inclusion is critical to attaining high Google rankings, and can strengthen the success of organic searches (those conducted by individual users). Organic searches are more cost-effective and rank higher than the paid search engine advertisements offered in a “Sponsored Links” section. In addition, they have an impressive 78% effectiveness rate, compared to only 18% for sponsored links.

Of those who search online for information, 82% know exactly what they are looking for, and 50% of those use a search engine. Most will not look beyond the first page of a search, which means that it’s critical for your business to show up on that first page. Search Engine Optimization ensures that this will happen. An SEO plan that is well thought out and executed not only puts your company on the front page of searches, but also generates conversations about your business throughout the internet (something Google ranks very highly) and positions you as an expert in your field. This combined with social media optimization (SMO) and branded video optimization (BVO) will help you to dominate your company’s niche market.