Remember from the other page, a “Force Multiplier Strategy” is a component using five or more attributes, advantages or opportunities, exponentially increasing overall effectiveness in a united strategic effort. So how is Search Engine Optimization a Force Multiplier? When studying the components for local business exposure to marketing advertisement, you find a good SEO plan utilizes the following five plus attributes:

  • Rich keywords and long tail keywords in the title, tag line and imbedded in the copy
  • multiple client reviews on your site
  • strong links and backlinks
  • pictures with proper descriptions
  • plus video is the up and coming new kid on the block.

These along with dozens of other SEO tactics will put a local business on page one of Google making it a force to be reckoned with in multiplying sales revenues. Effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is more than just claiming a place on a search engine page, however.  It is the detailed and complete analysis of several factors, starting with the right choice of name and then the words used in page content. The header size and placement, careful repetition of words, the number of keywords and how they relate to the content are all critical to the SEO process.

Links to other sites coupled with back links, plus links to other media and how responses relate to your content all add to your sites visibility. In addition, keyword rich addresses as well as the type of website design and hosting, the number of visitors and how long they stay are all the beginning of a successful SEO campaign. Algorithms and filters rule over the internet to determine robotic controlled information loading and copy repetition and then index accordingly. These things and more determine your site ranking which is how people find you, but just as importantly, today a business website is ranked based on conversations and references taking place in other areas of the internet. Blueagle SEO combines full structure and coding along with proper keyword inclusion in the title, text and content of the site itself. We combine a planned participation in Social and Video Branded Media to attain organic rankings that will give you multiple spots for your keywords on the very first page. It is important to reach buyers, not just lookers. Your SEO determines the quality of traffic and insures that your ability to get the right traffic. A Blueagle SEO system will pull the buyers in at the point of buying and lots of them. It is extremely important to understand that organic searches, by your customers, will rank extremely high on search engine page results. An organic search is indexed based on the criterion of the SEO built into the website itself; as opposed to a paid advertisement which can tax the budget very heavily.


Purchasing search engine advertisement for thousands of dollars in order to rank high in the “Sponsored Links” section of a search engine is expensive. But the untold secret is that Sponsored Links are only 18% effective compared to the 78% effectiveness of an organic ranking. The reason is that Google places high value on actual public interest. It has been proven that 82% of people who normally use the internet know exactly what they are looking to purchase and that 50% of these same people use a search engine to find it. Knowing this, how important is it to invest in a cost effective Search Engine Optimization system immediately? Your customers are on the web and you want to find them where they can be found. This is where we enter the picture. We put you in front of your clients where they are and when they are at the point of buying. If you are not found by your ideal clients when they search, be sure that your competition will be found by them. If you are not Virtualizing Your Business you are already losing ground to the competition and increasing the chances of business stagnation or even worse, eventual failure!  This is 21st Century marketing which offers a new way, a better way, for business owners to capture their market and emerge as the thought leader in their industry. If you are following 20th Century Marketing you are falling behind daily. The Blueagle SEO Force Multiplier System is effective and profitable by itself, but we have discovered a way to combine forces with the other two Force Multipliers creating exponential results. You will dominate your niche market and customers will be at your door ready to buy.