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Introducing A Customized System Of Business Virtualization. A Breakthrough Concept That Infuses Search Engine, Social Media and Branded Video Optimization Creating Blanket, Internet Marketing Coverage. A System That Legally and Ethically Position You To Be #1 In Your Niche Market While Cutting Your Marketing Cost In Half.

Amalgamating Three Overlapping Force Multipliers To Create Combined Synergy, Exponentially Increasing The Number Of Ideal Client’s Coming To Your Door, Money In Hand, Wanting Your Services And Products Not Only This Time But Every Time!

Discover Today How “Force Multiplication” Is Used To Increase Your Sales By 21% And Position You To Dominate Your Ideal Niche Market in 21 Days.

“Force Multiplier” is a military term used for “Rapid Seizure and Domination” in order to unseat a ruling power and establish a new authority. The characteristics of rapid domination are: knowledge, rapidity, brilliance and control. Blueagle combines the knowledge of your company with the rapidity, brilliance and control of the “Force Multiplication System” which uniquely combines three overlapping “Force Multipliers” producing the “Accelerated Seizure and Dominance”… Read more…

Search Engine Optimization


The internet is the 21st Century, why?

There are 1.4 billion users and there will be 200 million new users next year.

Mobile phones and Wi-Fi devices are increasingly in use and in 3 years there will be another billion estimated users.

If the internet was a country it would be the 5th largest country in the world in GDP.

Google provides more local searches than all Yellow Pages combined.

81% of users automatically look online for a service or product they need and 62% of users will follow up with: in-store visits, phone calls, emails and purchases.

Ecommerce is expected to grow from $102 Billion in 2006 to $144 Billion in 2010.

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Social Media Optimization


Twitter has taken the Internet by storm!

Twitter followers send out 4,000,000 tweets a day and Twitter’s monthly growth rate is 300,000 new users.

The majority of new Tweeters are influencers, movers and shakers.

Facebook users check their accounts 3-4 times daily, spending an average of 19 + minutes per visit.

Facebook signs up 250,000 new users every day claiming 140 million active users, an increase of 89% this year alone.

Linked In has joined the Twitter and Facebook movement in serving businesses to dominate their local niche market and connect with local business leaders.

Bloggers are in the mix with over 12.9 Million Active Bloggers in 2008 doing more than 5,000,000,000 (Billion) Blog searches- more information than all the Newspapers, Magazines and Books combined.

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Branded Video Optimization


So simple a child can do it!

Video viewing accounted for 12.5 percent of online time last year.

Data says, 81% of web users have watched an online video advertisement, 52% took action after viewing the advertisement and 15% visited the store with 12% making a purchase.

YouTube has over 75 Million accessible videos and over 150,000 new videos are posted online every day.

That makes YouTube bigger than a TV network and the videos are watched with interest.

Online video related services tallied $494.7 million in 2008 revenue up 86.7% over 2007

Amateur video has quickly become the norm which makes business video advertisement so inexpensive and easy.

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Client Proof Reviews

“What I like most about Blueagle Marketing is that you made some promises and you delivered and you delivered exactly what you promised.” – Mark Black, COO, Acuity Brands Lighting Company

“In three weeks I was on the map, new clients were calling, sales were climbing and I was number one on Google search engine.” – Dave Eagle, President, EagleClassics Car Restoration,

“Finally a marketing system for businesses that long to realize the potentials for growth that Blueagle offers.” -Professor William Burgin

“After a couple of years of coaching with Blueagle, I took a Management Position in Customer Service with a Liberal Arts College. In two years the college has moved up from 172 out of 180 to be #1 in the nation, in customer service to 2009. I am thankful for Blueagle Marketing Team!” -Michael Henshaw, Five Star Chef